A Hotdog Can Kill You


Did You Know…

  • The average American consumes only 16 grams of fiber on average when the recommended intake for women is 25 grams and 38 grams for men.
  • The average American consumes 3,400 mg of sodium per day when the recommendation is to consume less than 2,300 mg.
  • Reducing sodium intake by 1,200 mg per day could save up to $20 billion per year in medical expenses.
  • There are more than 240,000 fast food establishments throughout the U.S.
  • 1 in 2 adults have high blood pressure.
  • Greater than 2 out of 3 adults are considered overweight or obese.
  • Nearly 30% of boys and girls under age 20 are overweight or obese.
  • Medical costs linked to obesity were estimated to be $147 billion in 2008
  • The leading cause of death in America is heart disease which is preventable.
  • In 2011, Americans ate 1.5 billion pounds of potato chips.
  • On average, Americans consume 66 pounds of sugar per person, per year.
  • The American Heart Association recommends women get no more than 6 teaspoons and no more than 9 teaspoons of added sugar per day for men.
  • The average American consumes 19.5 teaspoons per day.
  • Harvard researchers report that a single serving of processed red meat (a single hotdog) increased risk of death by 20%, unprocessed red meat by 13%. They also note that substituting with a healthier protein option can reduce risk of death by 7% (fish), 10% (legumes, low-fat dairy), 14% (whole grains/poultry), 19% (nuts).
  • Added sugars and solid fats contribute to 40% of total daily calories for 2-18 year olds.
  • More than 114 million Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

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