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Physical Education Teachers are incredible people. We don’t know of any other group that impacts our health, education, and culture the way they do—building the foundation for an amazingly healthy lifestyle for our children, juggling so many things, working so hard, or being so gracious along the way. There is one thing, however, that PE Teachers nearly universally suck at: student engagement.

At PhysednHealth, we decided it was time to develop a tool together with PE Teachers that would give back an essential element of student engagement. We set out to create software that was so easy to use, so painless, that it could actually result in the mythical beast we call « fun PE. »

Now, we knew you guys wouldn’t sleep easy until you had incredibly robust functionality, exceptional ease of use, and a show-stopping user experience. So we put on our PE hats, sussed out what the industry just wasn’t getting from the larger players, worked day in and day out, and created the only tool that works as hard as you do and looks as good doing it.



Empowering All PE Teachers to Great Software to Improve the Efficiency of Physical Education Delivery and Students Engagement.


Inspire Young Minds to Adopt a Physically Active Lifestyle.


Reduce the cost of Healthcare for ALL.

Guiding Principles

  1. Focus: Improve the Efficiency of Physical Education Delivery
  2. Leadership: The courage to shape a better future
  3. Passion: Committed in heart and in mind
  4. Innovation: Runs in our blood
  5. Collaboration: Leverage collective genius

Benefits For Teachers:

  • Reduces assessment time by over 80%
  • Ensures you meet state and national standards
  • Eliminates administrative tasks including roster management
  • Provides reporting and data analysis you can use for a funding request, performance management, and strategic planning
  • Personalizes your training and coaching to meet the specific needs of individual students

Benefits For Students:

  • Gives them a reason to take PE seriously and commit to participate
  • Provides dynamic reports and feedback to help them understand their fitness levels, and offers steps to improve
  • Enables them to set and manage SMART goals
  • Enables them to self-assess and take ownership of their physical health and wellness
  • Inspires them to adopt a physically active lifestyle
  • Improves academic performance

Benefits For Schools & School Districts

  • Get detailed reports for every district, school, teacher, class, and student to track progress, identify areas of improvement, or even evaluate teachers
  • Allows you to conduct mandatory fitness assessments for the entire school district, specific schools, or individual teachers in real-time
  • Gives you the ability to use Physical Education as a non-test based indicator (aka the 5th indicator) to measure students’ success as part of ESSA (Every Student Succeed Act)
  • Tracks the health and fitness of your students with the approved measures on The Presidential Youth Fitness Program and standard Healthy Fitness Zone®

Learn how PhysednHealth can help you manage and improve the physical health of your students.


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