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Cost and Features

Q: Is PhysednHealth Free?

A: PhysednHealth has a free version that includes roster management, unlimited free training, and support. The only limitations are number of students, and access to rubrics templates, and district dashboards

Q: How much is PhysednHealth?

A: PhysednHealth retails for $299 per school per year using Clever. $199 per year for oneroster® or through ClassLink. It comes with an unlimited number of teachers and students. Unlimited live/video training (live training only in the United States). And unlimited support, enhancements, and upgrades.

Q: How do I purchase my subscription?

A: Contact us @ awesome@physednhealth.com for additional information.

Q: Do you know of similar products?

A: FitnessGram. IHT SPIRIT. Gopher Sport, Interactive Health Technologies, Polar Electro, School Specialty, ASUS, Exergame Fitness, Fitbit, FITSTATS Technologies, Garmin, Jawbone, Konami, Motorola Mobility, Nike, Pebble, Sony, Sqord, Focused Fitness.

Q: Why don't you show a features comparison chart with the other products?

A: PhysednHealth is different. It improves the efficiency of Physical Education delivery and student engagement.

We can however share the cost of a few similar products with you (these costs are subject to change)

  • FitnessGram: $590 initial setup / $150 per year
  • Fitstats Wellness: $2000
  • IHT SPIRIT: $855 starter kit

Q: What is your take on fitness apps and trackers for k-12 students, such as heart rate monitors?

A: There is no doubt that apps and fitness trackers can significantly enhance the PE experience. The real question is the long-term impact on the students who cannot afford or keep the technology outside of school grounds or as part of their lifestyle. If a student is basing their health on an app or piece of technology (which, by the way, is inaccurate), what happens when that technology is not available? PhysednHealth believes in the fundamental development of life skills.

Q: How much do Physical Education assessment software cost?

A: It depends. The cost can range from below $150 per school per year to $10 per student. What you need to look for:
If the cost is per school or student
If the cost is per school, is it unlimited students, or is it cap at a specific limit, and you have to pay extra to add more students?
Do you have to pay for training and support?
Do you have to pay for free enhancements and upgrades?
Are you getting all the features, or are they limited based on ?

Q: Does PhysednHealth provide a discount?

A: We will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs. Contact us at awesome@physednhealth.com for more information. Improving your student’s physical Health depends on it.

Q: How does PhysednHealth Compare?

A: PhysednHealth does not compare. It is different.
PhysednHealth is the only tool that provides the flexibility to request changes to our software to fit your needs at no cost.
PhysednHealth provides unlimited training – live and virtual. Unlimited support, enhancements, and upgrades.
PhysednHealth is per school, regardless of the number of students and teachers.
PhysednHealth promotes and maintains students engagement.
PhysednHealth ease of use and templates allow you to focus on delivering your curriculum and not struggle with software customization.

General Information

Q: How do I manage my roster?

A: PhysednHealth syncs with roster management platforms such as ClassLink, Clever, Schoology, and others. If you don’t have access to anyone of those, we will manage your roster for you and let you focus on coaching your students.

Q: There is not enough content and resources in PhysednHealth

A: Unlike subjects like Math and Science, the Physical Education curriculum varies from state-to-state, from district-to-district, school-to-school, and teacher-to-teacher. To that end, PhysednHealth’s focus is to provide a platform that facilitates and improves the delivery of your content and resources to keep your students engaged.

Q: Is there any Health Education material in PhysednHealth

A: As a curriculum delivery software, PhysednHealth incorporates standards for both PE and Health. The way to use it for Health is through lesson plans, rubrics, and health resources. You can create your health lesson plan and share it with your students and the necessary content and resources. Assess their knowledge by customizing one of our sample rubrics.

Q: Is PhysednHealth for High School only?

A: PhysednHealth is designed for K-12. Believe it or not, our most active students are in elementary schools. Every resource in PhysednHealth has been tested, used, and proven at all grade levels.

Q: PhysednHealth is too complicated

A: PhysednHealth workflow is based on how PE teachers work. It follows TOARF (Teaching, Observing, Assessing, Reporting, and Feedback). When you follow this approach, you will notice a whole different user experience.

Q: How do I connect my Zoom account with Clever

A: Instructions on how to connect your Zoom account to Clever can be found by clicking here.

Q: Worried about assessing? Don’t be.

A: All you have to do is create an assignment and allow the students to self-assess. You’ll get the data you need. Your students will validate their understanding of your teachings.